Out To Sea Inspiration...

I'm sorry guys but I had to get away.
From Pinterest,
from blogging,
from the crowd.
Because it is getting crowded 
all up in the crafty, DIY world isn't?
Don't get me wrong-
I LOVE how my personal favorite style of living has
really, come into fashion.
Can I say that?
cause it's true.  
It is much more socially acceptable to shop at thrift stores,
maybe even cool (although I still catch my mom purelling her hands secretly after she touches anytihng
and my sisters think it seems funny)
People are pinning like crazy
and I have never seen more cute homes, eaten more yummy meals and snacks, or seen better looking hair in the Midwest.
It just got to the point though
where every time I was creating something
I couldn't tell where Pinterest/ internet inspiration ended
and I began.

Let me make this VERY CLEAR:
there is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong
with using ideas from Pinterest.
It's just,
I have been doing the DIY thing long before Pinterest
came around and I will be doing it
long after it has come and gone.
It's my goal to give YOU great stuff to pin!
Not just copy what other creative people are giving you to pin.
I want to compete in the pin market,
I want you to see my tutorials,
or recipes,
or photographs
and be compelled to pinned them.
Thus the Pinner becomes the Pinnie-
you get me?
First step was to take a step back.
I had to get back to my inspirational roots.
I went old school 90's style.
Sketch pad,
and my mind.

It was like an internet vacation
but without giving up Instagram
and Facebook-
cause a stay at home mom has her vices
and as another blogger put it,
we {stay at home moms} don't have a water cooler to stand around 
and shoot the crap with coworkers.
So we Facebook,
so sue us.
#goiphonemoms : )

So if you missed me that is super sweet!
If you are new to 906- welcome!!
And if you are just wanting some new tutorials all ready
don't worry cause I have you covered
cause you know you want a Carrot Garland for your kitchen too...

Piece of Carrot Cake Garland Tutorial coming: 
Wednesday March 27, 2013


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