An Easter Brunch Carrot Garland

What you will need: 

2  pieces of 9x12 orange felt
4 pieces of 9x12 felt
1 package of small white pom-poms or cotton balls 
orange embroidery floss
sharp embroidery needle
crochet hook

Step One:
Make you template. 
The carrot : body is just a simple triangle with a rounded tip, 4.5 inches tall,  3 inches wide at  bottom
  The leaf:  any leaf shape will do, just make sure that it has a little tail! This is needed to tuck leaves into the top of the carrot. You will need to have 14 carrots and 42 leaves  to make a 1 yard garland like mine.

Step Two:
Take the carrot triangles and fold in half the long way.  Do a basic stitch starting at the widest end and working your way towards the tip- leaving about an 1/2 an inch open at the bottom.

Step Three:
Tie a knot and leave a tail of thread.  Take the crotchet  hook up through the inside of the carrot and wrap the thread tail around the hook several times and then pull back through.  This will help pull your carrot right side out.

Step Four:
Stuff with 4 small pom-poms or cotton balls.

Step Five:
Fan the leaves out and do a basic stitch to hold them together. Then attach to the carrot by taking thread back through where you stitch up the carrot body.

Step Six:
Do not cut thread yet! Do a basic stitch along the top of the carrot body and pull taught so that the edges draw together when you pull thread tight, making sure to hide the tails inside the carrot.   Knot.

Step Seven:
Add four slits on each side of the leaves to give it that leafy effect.

Step Eight:
Repeat 13 more times and  then it is time to tie carrots to the twine.
Cut a little more then a yard of twine and tie around the top of the carrot where the top meets the leaves. Pull tight, no need to tie a knot .   I alternated one carrot, then two carrots, then one carrot, ect. for my garland but you can do what you please.

Step Nine:
Hang in your home near some little Easter bunnies.  You don't even have to make a garland! Use your sweet little carrots to decorate your Easter table. Stuff with catnip to make a Easter treat for kitty.  The possibilities are endless.  It will make any spring vignette shine!

Happy carroting guys!
: )

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