wedding programs

I know it's a big trend right now not to have programs at your wedding. Although I agree it's not necessary I believe it's something more important to your older guests- who are use to the tradition and expecting it {lets just be honest} So because of this reason I am going to have programs and why complain??? - it's just another way to infuse my style into the wedding. I don't want to have just a regular old boring program! I love the whimsy of the program above. Simple and something I can probably do on my imac.

Then I love, love, love this little "game" to keep guests busy and talking before the wedding called "What tree did you fall from" It's a Celtic tradition much like the Chinese Zodiac. I think it will make a great ice breaker to get guest mingling. And since I am over 50% Irish it's nice nob to my heratige. If you want to see what tree you fell from go here!

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