the fabric store

Can I tell you a secret? I spent $158.00 at the fabric store yesterday...yikes! I was in heaven. There is nothing that inspires me more then a trip to the fabric store. I think it's just the raw potential that really thrills me. While most people feel overwhelmed I am calm. Slowly going up and down the aisle feeling each piece as I pass. It takes me hours-literally- but in the end it is so worth the time. The whole look of the wedding came together in beautiful silkes, netting, and burlap of course. And that's where my Martha Stewart Keepsake Wedding Planner came in handy. It has a spot to store little swatches of all the fabric I picked out to preserve so I can show my daughters some day all of the little elements that went into planning my wedding.

If you want to buy your own Keepsake Wedding Planner go here!

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