How I met your father {The Midnight Train to Venice}...

I want to tell you the story of how mommy met daddy. I always knew Daddy, but what I didn't know was that he would be your father. There are a lot of small moments in my journey to find him and I want to share those moments with you.  I want to share them before I forget them and before you become a teenager who hates me and my stupid stories. I hope these stories inspire you, encourage you, and make you smile...

The Midnight Train to Venice
I spotted him right away.  The baggy pants, Abercrombie sweatshirt, and baseball hat were a dead give away- he was an American! I had been in Germany for nine months and I was sick and tired to death of German men.  I missed dating in English.  I missed being funny (not easy when speaking another language).  I was tired of the whiteness of my teeth being a topic of conversation on dates.  And I was tired of having to climb mountains to prove my worthiness as a girlfriend.  It was 2005 and I was on my way to Venice to meet my mom for a week long vacation.  I didn't met your father on the midnight train but I did learn an important lesson that helped me along my way...

I remember saying "thank you" when he reached back and helped me with my bag.  I remember the look on his face when he realized I was American too. I even remember that he sat on the floor of the train with me for two hours, even though he had a ticket for a seat.  What I do not remember is his name...shame on me!

We talked for hours which was great because we had some time on our hands- about an eight hour train ride to be exact. Eventually we found seats next to two other American girls around our age and a creepy Austrian man who kept trying to show us his pornographic sketch book.  Thank goodness American Guy was with me because he ended up having to save me from creepy Austrian Guy- he got a little to close to me while I was sleeping.  Emphasis on CREEPY...

Side by side two we slept all night and somewhere after Salzburg but before Verona, his hand found mine in the darkness.   As morning light began to peek over the horizon the landscape began to change from mountains to seaside.  Venice was getting closer and so was our inevitable parting of ways.  

He was on his way to meet a friend.  I was on my way to meet my mom.  He took my hand and lead me through the crowded train station.  He asked for directions to the bus station.  We walked from dim light of the station into the beautiful morning light of the most perfect day on the Grand Canal of Venice.  "Was this really my life or a movie?"-  I remember thinking.

We said good bye to the American Girls.  We walked quietly to the bus stop. We decided to exchange numbers and meet back at the train station at  seven pm.  The bus pulled up and we said goodbye.  As I stepped onto the first stair, he pulled back on my hand and kissed me.  I got on the bus and waved.  He watched me pull away and then he disappeared into the crowd.  

I never saw him again.

I was at the train station at seven but he never came.  I have no idea what happened and you know what? I don't care.  Did it ruin my trip?  Not at all!  I had a great time.  I am never going to know why he didn't come but I'm not going to waste my life away wondering why.  Maybe his friend was mad that he made plans,  maybe he was late, maybe he just didn't come. 

 I'll never know but I will always have that train ride.  I think the not knowing is what makes this moment special. If he had shown up that night he could have ended up having bad breath, or long, gross fingernails, or any number of other flaws we inevitably see in someone we fall for.  

Sometimes, Charlie, the what could have been is better.  Don't be afraid to live life and have moments of spontaneity just because you don't know where they will lead you. Not every man is going to end up being the father of your children but some will take you places you never thought you would go.

Life Lesson 101:  Sometimes it's not about your destination but about your journey...


  1. What a cute story! And I love the play off of the TV show.

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