Keeping Baby Busy {Vol 3. Teaching Balance}...


it's a touchy subject.
We all have our views.
Our beliefs.
Our own way of doing things.
So let me just reiterate this:
I am NOT telling you how much TV your child should or shouldn't watch.
All I am talking about today,
is finding balance
 how we watch TV at our house.
How much?
It is on pretty much all day, every day.
I do try and take days 
where we leave it off and have quiet time.
Charlie only watches in the morning.
I feed her breakfast and I try to hold her
 or snuggle next to her while she eats.
Then she will play in the bouncer or in the play pin 
and watch her shows.
Charlie enjoys:

Doc McStuffins,
The Mickey Mouse Club House,
and of course
The Nanny

This time in the morning 
helps me get the day going,
I make coffee,
feed the cats,
 put my contacts in and wash my face.
You know, basic stuff,
 that is hard to do with a baby.
At first she wouldn't watch for very long
but now she will sit quietly and play
for about 45 minutes!
This is MY time
and I love it.
I need it.
And you you know what else?
I'm not going to feel bad about it.
I think all things are good in moderation.
That is really what I feel like my responsibility to Charlie
 to teach her how to enjoy things in moderation.
We don't have to completely deny kids TV, 
or sugar
or any other indulgence 
to make sure
they enjoy a variety of things.
We simply have to teach them how
 through our own actions and behavior
how to entertain oneself.
How to be alone 
and to be OK.
It's just like sleeping or eating, 
you have to teach these things.
You need sleep but not too much.
You need food but not too much.
You can watch TV but not too much.
Sometimes mommy can't play- sometimes you have to entertain yourself
You want to teach balance.
It was hard for me to find this balance-
without feeling guilty.
As a nanny
taking time for yourself is a no-no
during the day I was on the clock.
So for me to take time to do something for myself instead of Charlie
just wasn't in my daily routine.
There wasn't balance for me or for her.
She needed constant play and attention 
 I hadn't taught her 
to ok by herself.
I had let her become the boss 
and letting her guide the relationship.
As a mother
I cannot do that!
I must be the one guiding the relationship,
showing her where to go,
teaching her where her boundaries are
and helping her become her best self.
Being able to be alone
and ok
There are a lot of grown ups who have a hard time being alone-
so it is a big thing to teach,
 I think TV helped in the weaning process
but shouldn't be used exclusively.
With TV 
 with out-
I do think that being able to take time for yourself
is so important.
A baby with balance 
is a happy baby.
How do you teach balance in your home?


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