38 days, a kitten, and a move

Oh life just keeps on coming. I am feeling very tired. Very overwhelmed. Ryan's job offered him a promotion {good} but in order to get the promotion we have to move {bad}. While it feels like too much right now and the last thing we need- I think it will be good for us. An adventure to start our marriage.

When I get past the anxiety of the unknown I feel a little excited to live somewhere new. To create new habits and meet new people. I am ready to start a new chapter in our lives. Ryan is talking babies but not me. Right now dealing with work, planning a wedding, helping Ryan deal with his loss, I feel stretched as thin as I can go. Being a bride with an anxiety disorder has not been easy. While I love my wedding and want so badly for it to be perfect. My energy, that I once was able to pour into the wedding, is gone.

So I have decided not to push myself right now. I am going to relax for the rest of July. I am going to eat good food and hang out with fun people. I am going to get lots of fresh air and read something other then wedding blogs. I am going to remember what it is like just to be a normal person for a couple of days!

And just so this post isn't pictureless here is our newest friend at our house- Skippy the kitten! How cute is he???

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