There has been a very good reason why I have not been blogging lately. One I wasn't sure I was going to write about but I feel there are lessons to be learned. Our family has suffered a terrible tragedy.

Ryan's cousin Chason and his Uncle Mark were both killed in a car accident last week. Mark was 52, Chason only 23. Chason was like Ryan's brother growing up. He was a groomsman and a stand in best man while Ryan's best friend is away in the Navy. He was in the middle of planning Ryan's bachelor party when the accident happened.

What I can tell you from this is that when something like this happens during your engagement you shut wedding planning down. You don't care about centerpieces or photo backgrounds. You have to let it go and go with the flow. Your number one priority needs to be the ones you love. A wedding is just one day and in the scheme of things, such a silly thing to waste so much time and stress over.

I have never felt closer to Ryan's family. Through all of the tears and sadness good things can come. I got to know them, really know them, and I feel like they know they can trust me now. They know that when I am needed, I will be there. Your engagement is so much more then planning a wedding, it's also about becoming part of a family. I became a part of Ryan's family this weekend.

We will leave Chason's spot open at the wedding for him. I know that he will be there with Ryan on our wedding day - it was one of the last things he talked about with his mom. Mark and Chason- you were truely special guys please know you were loved and will be greatly missed.

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