Doily Chandelier by Martha Stewart

So for the last six months I have been agonizing over my centerpieces. I am a centerpiece snob. I am, I admit it, but it is all about proportion people! You can't have tiny, small centerpieces on a big round table! But I do understand that big, show stopping centerpieces are expensive and an undertaking. But after scouring the Internet for endless ideas I think I have finally found my show stopper.

How pretty are these doily chandeliers from the newest Martha Stewart Wedding magazine? I think they are going to really set the stage and go beautifully with all the other elements I already have. My mom and I went to the reception site this week. It was really nice to see the space and set it all up in my mind. I think now, after placing all the tables and knowing the surfaces I have to decorate that I have pretty much got it covered. There are some smaller projects to do but if they don't get done then I am not going to sweat the small stuff!

That is the state my basement is in right now, holding all of the decorations for the reception! We have our engagement pictures with Brad Hard Photography this coming weekend. I am so excited to meet with Brad and tell him about all my ideas. Crazy how fast it all sneaks up on you! It's starting to get exciting around here!


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  2. Thanks I am glad you enjoyed it. I did end up making the chandeliers and oh my goodness they were a lot of work! Thanks for bookmarking 906!


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