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That's right.  I am being brave and I am showing you some raw footage today.  It is our old, boring, {with hints of white trash} yard.  Don't get me wrong our grass is always perfectly green {Ryan works for Scott's Lawn Service} and well maintained but it still manages to look like a sad and dreary place.

The back porch is actually one of our favorite places to hang out.  In the summer it's not unusual to have 10- 15 people over on a Friday or Saturday night.  I would really like to have a space we are proud of to entertain in. Especially since we have no room for even a small table for two inside our house!  So we have some major goals for this summer.

I don't have much of an attention span or a green thumb.  So I am trying to figure out a really basic plan to spruce this yard up.  I am going to be sharing my inspiration and projects with you all!  We may or may not be building our very own little beer garden.  I am thinking mismatch wooden tables that have been aged and an eclectic mix of chairs.  Maybe some mason jars hanging overhead with candles....I dunno people these are just the ideas I have floating around my head.

So I may as well just get the Before pics out of the way huh?  You know quit stalling with links like this,  with the idea of using a rain barrel to be more green.  Or like this, which shows you how to make the most yummy looking chocolate cake for Easter.  Or this sweet little home tour, I seriously want the curtains in her office.  Or I could share this e-course I dying to take about how to style your own home.

Ok, ok, ok,  I show you the stinkin' pictures but I am neither happy, nor proud to show you.  Please to do not judge me or think that I am one step away from redneck {if you can refrain from doing so, if not I understand, I would judge me too}

So there is some work to be done.  A lot of it is organizing and cleaning- who am I kidding, there is a lot more to do besides cleaning but let me have my dreams!  Things on my wish list are: something to hide the garbage cans, re-staining the porch, FLOWERS, maybe some kind of DIY outdoor kitchen area around the grill, and too many more things to list.  I have some brain storming to do!  This last picture is to show you all that I really live at 906 E. Reality!  It's not always so chic around here...


  1. I recommend perennials for your flowers - the whole year after year thing is nice (and easy). There are several pretty ones native to IL too. And word of advice (from my own learning experience) space them out. You'll be surprised how they spread and fill a space in in just a 2-3 years. Good luck!

  2. Are you kidding? You have a perfect blank slate! I'm so jealous right now!


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