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I have been meaning to share our bedding with you for a while.  After waiting for a sunny day to take some pretty pictures I gave up and just thought I would edit them the best I could and share them with you!  

The bedding in our bedroom is a mixture from many stores.  Since neither of us like using a top sheet, we skip that step and use a duvet cover {over a down blanket}.  Now you American's may think I am crazy but over in Europe {at least Germany} this is standard.  The duvet covers are made from the same material as sheets and you wash them every week.  I love this because it makes making the bed soooo easy and you aren't getting all tangled up in a sheet and blanket during a restless night of sleeping.   Plus you can have a different look every other week.

We have three duvet covers.  Two are the same and one is a little bit different but they all go with our sheets {plain ol' basic white} and throw pillows.  All of our pillows are a clearance collection : )  I go to TJ Maxx regularly to see what is on sale.  The duvet cover below I got for only thirty dollars!!

I like to mix textures and soft colors for our master bedroom.  I want it to be a calm room with nothing to loud jumping out at you.  To complete our look I have long white curtains {right now from Walmart but hoping to upgrade soon}

Overall I am very happy with this room.  As you can see from the picture the bed takes up most of our space.  This isn't ideal but we have tried many different positions with the furniture and this is what seems to function best for us.  We don't do anything in our bedroom except for sleeping anyway {wink}.  I do not allow T.V.s in bedrooms {more on that to come}. 

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