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I have wanted to feature real living spaces on 906 for a while now.  I am so happy today to say that wish is coming true!  Today we are kicking off a brand new series called House of Style!  Featuring people just like you and what they love about their house.  Today we are featuring the owners of Brad Hart Photography, Brad and Katie! 

I am so excited to share these pictures Brad took because their house is seriously cool.  Their retro, mid-century vibe has just a hint of whimsy, which I adore.  Check it out!!  They live in sunny southern California and after this home tour, you may be left drooling with envy {I had to wipe off my keyboard a little after I saw them}.

I honestly can't tell you which room was my favorite {the dining room!} because I seriously love them all!  The rooms feel very cohesive and you can tell that Brad and Katie know their style very well.  I think my favorite feature was the abstract photo wall in the living room but I really loved the clear dining room chairs as well.  

So many charming details too.  I loved the moose head in the office and comfy colorful quilts for a pop of color on the couch.  Or may be the red hutch in the dining room- what a show stopper! The whole place is just so well put together.  Great job Brad and Katie- thank you for opening up your home to 906 E. Chic, sharing your beautiful photos with us, and letting us see your great style! 

Readers- what are some of your favorite details??? Do you have a space you would like to share or know of someone with great home style?  Let me know leave me a comment or email...


  1. How could I forget to mention that photo collage on the wall?!?! Amazing!

  2. Cool blog Ashley! I am a little bias, because Brad and Katie are some of my favorite people, but their home is pretty sweet. Thanks for doing a short piece on their place. I actually have that same small white and wood side table.

    Matt Hale


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