The curious case of the lilac bandit...

Sometimes I steal...but it's just flowers!  I can't help myself.  Usually I take them from roadsides or state parks and not yards {most of the time} but last Thursday it was so sunny and wonderful outside for the first time in weeks {or it felt that way at least} that I had to have some flowers.

I decided on the drive home from work that I was going to sneak over next door and take some.  Now this may seem very brave of me at 12:30 on a Thursday afternoon but no one lives next door!  It is a scary, run down old house that is being torn down this spring/summer.  So is it really stealing?  I'm not sure but I went over and got me some lilac branches and some other leafy greens.  Just call me the lilac bandit.

Lilacs make me think of spring and home.  Growing up we lived {in many houses but one was} in a restored Victorian house that had 5 or more lilac bushes in it's old garden {it also has peonies, roses, 2 apple trees, and an old sea- saw hidden back in a small grove of trees- doesn't it sound like the best vintage garden ever? it was to me}.  It was the best in the spring my mom would have a big vase of lilacs on the dining room table and the fragrance would just fill the whole house.  I guess I wanted to re-create that in my own home.  So here is my spin on lilacs.

I have some really fun stuff to share with you this week.  Two really fun projects {and one tutorial I am working on!}, some house updates, along with some wedding inspiration, and a new series to introduce {which I think your kind of gonna love...}. And of course Travel Tuesday tomorrow!  It's gonna be a busy week and I am so excited to get going!  Just a hint of what it to come- I bought some paint this weekend called retro green...soooo in love with it!

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