A Truly busy time...

I have so many projects going this week I don't know which way is up and which way is down.  All I know is that I have a bridal shower to throw on Saturday and I got things to craft!!!  I am officially done with the Truly Scrumptious hat I mentioned before.

I made it a little different then the one in the movie by adding pink flowers instead of white but I think over all it is super adorable and I want to wear it around the house singing "toot sweats"...I am a little weird.  I made the hat out of a 99 cent sombrero and some old curtains I got at Restore for 2 dollars are you scared?  I will post pictures tomorrow don't you worry but I didn't feel like snapping any at 10:00 last night!

I have most of my ideas for the shower pinned down.  What I really need to decide is how I am going to set the room up and how many table skirts I need.  Do you know that for a disposable table skirt they charge you $6.99???  That's almost 50 bucks just for 8 tables!  Too much for plastic skirts you just throw away.  There has to be a cheaper and pretty way to dress a table. 

Good thing tomorrow is my half day at work.  I need some time to craft and brainstorm. The colors I ended up going with are pink, yellow, and purple- not pastels but really bright, saturated colors.  I wanted the whole things to feel young and girly.  And if you are wondering, yes I did find some parasols.  Hobby Lobby just so happened to have them in my exact needed colors.  So put a point on the board for Ashley!

So I guess it's back to google image searching for me...Hope you having a chic and happy week~

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