Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Bridal Shower...

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I am sooooooo excited to throw my future sis-in-law a shower for her and my brothers up coming wedding.  I am even MORE excited that she requested a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang theme.  How darling of an idea is that???

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I am thinking there has to be a lot of candy {Truly Scrumptious anyone?}.  Am also thinking a picnic theme with lots of beautiful vintage quilts, old picnic baskets, and pretty dishes.  Lots of ideas going people!  Wedding planning mode has been turned back on.

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Why is it so much more fun and less stressful when it's not your own wedding?{I am loving it}  Bring on the inspiration and thrifting!

Oh I am also thinking photo booth with tons of old victorian hats and dresses {it's just and idea don't judge me...}

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