Snow and snacks...

Brrrrr!!!!! I don't know about you but we are in the middle of quite the winter storm. Ice, rain, sleet, snow-thunder! What? Yes! We have chances for a thunderstorm in February. But I am not complaining because I got to leave a whole hour early from work today! {my doctor NEVER lets us go home early so this was special!} I also don't have to go in tomorrow morning!!! Possibly {fingers crossed} not at all.

So what is a snowbound girl to do on a blustery winter's night? Make Valentine Cupcakes! {obviously!} Cake mix, tub of frosting, and clearance aisle Christmas sprinkles = super cute red, pink, and white cupcakes!

My cake mix was white because that is the only kind that Ryan likes {how can one just like white cake I do not know} To make my cuppy cakes a little cuter I added red dye to the wet cake mix. This turned the batter a loverly shade of pink.

Just add sprinkles {99 cents!} and cute liners {IKEA} and you have a truly scrumptious winter snack. Eating these makes me want to craft a Valentine Box {you remember making those in school? For all the Valentines you got from your friends? I use to adore making mine every year}

Are you stuck inside with this winter weather? What do you do to pass the time?

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