The end of the 30 day challenge...

This is the end of the 30 day challenge. Did I work every day on my house? No. Are we ready to put our house on the market? No. But I am looking at this as a success...why? I'll tell you why... Because.

Because I am blogging more {and that makes me happy!}

Because I love my bathroom every time I go in it {seriously every.single.time.}

Because I got a new sink today {with a garbage disposal!!!}

Because my entire house has new matching electrical outlets! {thanks dad!}

Because the nasty old stanky carpet is gone! {nuf said}

Because I love my new spare bedroom {thank you Ryan for letting me get a floral duvet at IKEA this time}

Because this has given us the kick in the butt we needed to get this cozy little house that we love on the market and on to the next owners who will love it as much as we do {fingers crossed}

And here is a picture preview of our master bedroom {with more before and afters coming soon} just... BECAUSE!!! : )

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