Sorry I haven't posted this week!  I have been sick, sick, sick.  Sick in a way that I hope I never will be again.  Ugh.  And I have a birthday tomorrow...super ugh.  But I am excited to celebrate my little sister Abbey, who is turning 17 today!

What a fun age to be.  Seventeen was one of those magical teenage years for me.  I had a boyfriend who I adored, I had a car, and a job.  I was officially a grown up {in my own mind} without any of the responsibility that comes with it.  You feel free and safe all at the same time.  Life is just starting to get exciting and you are looking at your future with such bright optimism {why can't we hold on to that forever???}.

So today in honor of the almost ten years between us {almost exactly to the day!} I am going to share with you 10 things I love about my sister...

*She was the worlds cutest baby.  Seriously.  Bald, chubby cheeks, and always had a smile.

*She use to be a tomboy just like my mom.  {being a girlie girl myself that whole sporty boy world is a mystery to me}

*She is hysterical {I am not really allowed to tell stories anymore because I usually end up telling an embarrassing one!}

*She's no push-over {in a lot of ways}  and I am super proud of her for standing her ground in whatever she believes in passionately.

*She is so fast.  My dad use to take us over to the softball diamond so I could work on softball but little four year old Abbey could already out speed my around the bases.  Now she is being scouted by schools  to play in college : (

*She's so pretty!  She is who I wanna look like when I grow up!  Long Jennifer Aniston hair, green eyes, and freakin tan skin- naturally!  Even in the dead of winter this girl has color.  {poor pasty white me}

*She is the best secret keeper but don't tick her off cause she will hold it over your head and she is good at it.

*This girl can put food down!  I thought that when I was that age I could eat but Abbey oh man!  If you invite her over and you notice that she starts to get a little cranky- feed her fast!!!  She needs food and she needs it plenty and often. {where does it all go???}  

*She is a lover of people.  She is a social butterfly.  From toddler time on she loved having friends, as many as she could have around her.  She loves all types of people {again which makes me so proud!}

*And the last and most special thing that I love about my sister right now, is that I get to take her on a trip to France next year when she graduates!  I cannot wait to shop, shop, shop!  I am so excited to see her grown into an adult and the friendship that I hope we have through life and I think this trip is the perfect start for our grown up relationship!

So Happy Seventeen Abba daba doo!  We all love you very much and hope this year is the best one yet!

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  1. That's so sweet, I never saw that one. She is lucky to have a big sister like you. Fiona


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