906 E. I'm never gonna leave this place...

* Warning- the following post is dangerously close to a pity party... proceed only if you are able to put up with extreme pregnancy hormones/emotions and either A) agree with me or B) KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!

Three years ago me and Ryan made the big decision to move in together.  It was a fun and exciting time in life.  While most people pick out something together, Ryan already owned a home.  So we waited for his room mate to move to Oregon and then we made the big leap into co-habitation.  At the time I didn't really think much about the house...I was blinded by love.

The house was for lack of a better word {or words} a bachelor pad.  Gross stained carpet on the floors, dated 1970's kitchen with dark red paint on the walls, bathroom with a tub that was black.  The bedrooms are small with tiny closets and the windows are old and single pain.

This is a resale nightmare and I am living it.  For the past three years I have been working my fanny off to get it on the market and each year goes by and I seem to get further and further away from that goal.  Sure I have learned a lot along the way- like don't paint your trim and doors with flat paint {wish I had found Young House Love a little sooner} and my tool belt has grown considerably.  And yeah, yeah, yeah, I did a bathroom makeover all by myself while Ryan was out of town...but what do I really have to show for it???

I'll tell you what- a to-do list that is even longer today then it was 3 years ago.  I am going to be stuck in this 900 square foot twilight zone FOREVER!  I hear that doo dee doo doo music in my head right now and I am going crazy.

How will we be able to fit a baby in here?  How are we going to put it on the market and be able to show it when we have an infant?  Where are we going to put said infant?  Are they going to tear down the house that is falling apart next door?  Are they going to sell the empty lot next to us and try to put a house on it, even though it's not zoned for a house?!?!?!?!?!??!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!!?

Can you hear the voices too?

Don't even try to look at comparable houses in our neighborhood it will just depress you you more.  They are neat and clean.  Completely remodeled, with nicer showers and bigger kitchens.  Makes me wonder will I be at 906 East forever?  Will I ever get to put that glorious for sale sigh up in my yard?

Don't get me wrong.  This house has been a great house.  It felt like home the moment I moved in.  I have been the happiest of my adult life at 906.  I started this blog.  I planned a wedding.  We came home from our honeymoon to this house.  Me and my sister in law stayed here the night before her wedding, crafting into the wee hours of the morning.  So many special memories are here but it's time for someone else to make their memories here.

So here is the nitty gritty list of what needs to be done still.  You better read it and leave me lots of comments on how sorry you feel for me.  Cause I need your pity right now people- it's the only thing that is going to get me going again.  I need to know that you have been there too.  That it's going to be better.  That someday this house is gonna be for sale.  I need to hear it!

Here are some of the before pictures just so you can get a good visual of my poor, hard working, life for the past three years...

And while we have come a long way from these pictures we still have a lot to do...

:To Do:

scrap around edges of window frames to get extra paint off
paint underneath upper cabinets
order end cap for counter top on right side
install vent above stove
paint ceiling and lighting medallion
stage and clean for showing

Living Room
clean ceiling with magic eraser
have carpet installed
organize coat closet
paint floor vent
clean windows inside and out
stage and clean for showing

new light fixture
paint windows and scrape edges for clean lines
clean windows inside and out
paint floor vent
organize closet
stage and clean for showing
install new carpet

caulk around the tub
caulk around the edge of floor
paint the floor vent
new coat of black on vanity
stage and clean for showing

Spare Bedroom
install new carpet
paint trim and windows with semi gloss not flat
paint floor vent
paint chain to light white
organize closet
stage and clean for showing

Master Bedroom
install new carpet
paint trim and windows
paint ceiling
paint floor vent
organize closet
hide internet and cable wires better
stage and clean for showing

Make sure that all door surfaces are painted with semi gloss paint
finish painting the front steps and shutters
power wash siding
stain back porch
paint front door
paint entire basement {walls and floors}
clean basement out and stage for showing
have Restore come and pick up old furniture
re- gravel driveway 
work on curb appeal somehow

So what the heck have I been doing for three years?!?  Sometimes I think I have just been going in circles...So for the next 2 months I will be doing a weekly check in with new after pictures of progress we are making to keep us motivated and accountable.  


  1. Erica Cooper-PeytonAugust 28, 2011 at 9:19 PM

    I've had a love/hate relationship with our house, too. I love the style and location, but it's only two bedrooms. While that was fine for our first few years of marriage, it got a little too cozy when Julian was born. We looked for other houses, but few of them met our requirements and the ones that did were way out of our price range. Then, Madeline was born; now we have 4 people and 2 cats in 1000 square feet. We make it work, though. I love the HEUNA neighborhood, so we'll probably make due with the tiny house until I can be convinced otherwise. : )

  2. Looks like you have done some remarkable things to this house. You are not alone, most of us have had the seemingly never ending to do list.

    My advice, just make sure to finish a project before starting another, that I have learned from my own experience!

    Sometimes you also have to say "Good Enough!" and move on.

  3. oh.

    Good luck!!

    I'm sure it'll work out in the end...


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