I never have buttermilk...

Do you ever wake up on a Saturday morning wanting to make delicious pancakes or waffles and then realize you are missing that one star ingredient- buttermilk?  I do all the time!! Buttermilk just makes them taste so much better but I never use all of it and I never have it on hand.  Total bummer...until  I learned this weekend that you can make your own buttermilk and it's so easy you could almost do it with your eyes shut {and there is no waste you only make what you need!}.

How to make your own buttermilk
{this recipe can easily be doubled}

*take a cup of milk and let it come to room temperature

*add a tablespoon of regular white vinegar

*let it sit for 10 minutes

*voila you have buttermilk use in your favorite pancake or waffle recipe {I made crepes with mine} and enjoy!

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