Aunt Susie's Chicken Enchiladas...

My Aunt Susie makes the best enchiladas ever.  After I ate them one night over at my cousins house my life was never the same.  Every year on our birthdays we got to decide what was for dinner and every year it was the same for me...enchiladas please!

Not only are these yummy but they are so easy to make.  They are perfect for a date night because they seem like you had to put a lot of love and time in them but really all you had to do is mix a few things together and throw them in the oven- leaving you plenty of time to get all purdyful for your man {or woman}.

Aunt Susie's Chicken Enchiladas


2 12.5 oz cans of chicken 
{I use Valley Fresh all natural but you can also cook chicken breast and use it}

1 package taco seasoning

24 oz container of sour cream

2 10 oz cans of enchilada sauce {red kind}

4.5 oz can of green chilies

package of 10 soft tortillas

1 bag of taco cheese {or any yellow/white cheese mixture}


*Preheat oven to 350 degrees

*Drain chicken of all liquids

*In large mixing bowl combine: chicken, sour cream, taco seasoning,  and cheese {yup the entire bag}

*Mix together until it is all incorporated together

*Grab tortillas and spread mixture down the middle, about 2 large, heaping spoonfuls

*Fold the tortilla and place folded side down {this recipe usually needs two pans}

*Pour enchilada sauce over the top

*For a little heat sprinkle green chilies over {I do not use the whole can that's a lot of heat}

*Bake for 25- 30 minutes until heated through

Be prepared to make these again soon because your family will love them!  Hope you have enjoyed foodie week over here at 906 E. Chic- I know I have- in fact I'm getting hungry right now just thinking about all this food.  Good thing I can blame it on the baby!


  1. These are so good!! Now I'm gonna have to fix them this weekend!

  2. I know I love her chicken noodle soup too! I need to get the recipe from Catie.


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