Week 11

-Dear baby-  

Will you please behave in there? 
Instead of making me worry every couple of weeks that you are gonna be ok?
It's really scary every time and I feel like you enjoy getting a rise out of me already...
You are too young for that.

Just stay inside and bake until you are nice and big and ready for this crazy world.
Cause let me tell you- it's some cushy life you are living right now.
Taking all of my food and energy, sleeping and floating around without a care.

Me and daddy are getting pretty excited about you,
not that we weren't from the beginning but hearing your little heartbeat was pretty amazing
and made you seem a little more real.

Even the doctor said you were ornery when she had to look for 5 full minutes to get your heartbeat
cause you kept swimming away from her...
or because your mom had just eaten almost an entire bag of Cheetos before the appt. {and then lied to the doctor saying I just had a small snack}

I feel like you already have a little personality, which may seem silly but you do seem to have specific likes and dislikes that me and daddy laugh at.
We hope you like to laugh a lot too when you come out and meet us.

Just don't laugh for the first time while daddy is at work- that would make him really sad and I promised him he wouldn't miss much your first 2 months since you are coming right smack dab in the middle of his busy season.

Also I think dad is kind of tired of gnocchi, spaghetti, and Spaghetti O's {even though he won't admit it} so please try to like something new soon...or not since we know you are gonna do what you wanna do.
I think that's a little bit of your mom coming out in you : )

But like I said stay in there and cool it for a while. 
I can only miss so much work for your whims!
We love you already!!!


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  1. Just browsing the Picket Fence blogs and came across yours. Very sweet post about the baby. Your recipes look interesting too. I agree with you about Pinterest, it took me several days to figure out how to work it! Sounds like you will be pretty busy soon, if you have time stop by my blog. I am always looking for new followers. ~~Diane


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