My new job...

Today I got up with the husband
and packed his lunch
Too 1950's for you?
Not for me

It was a big moment- I felt like I had made it
I am officially the House Manager of the Sjuts residence
and I am lovin' my new post

I loved being a nanny
I loved being at home and taking care of the house
I like to grocery shop and clean
I had some good teachers in this art of making a home function smoothly
And now I get to do if for reals in my own house!!!

To Do Lists have become my new favorite
and my laundry no longer piles up and stares at me with angry eyes
I can cook a nice meal for us instead of eating Arby's for the third time in a week.

I have started clipping coupons and making PB& J sammy's instead of eating out
I wear a lot of sweatpants right now but this WILL not be my uniform after the baby comes
I have to make sure of this- for Ryan's sake

To my husband I say thank you for this opportunity to stay at home with my baby
Because for 10 years there is nothing I have wanted more

Thank you for saving for us to be able to afford this luxury

Thank you for trusting me to do what is right for our family
and knowing me well enough to see that I will be back to snapping pictures
 and making money again in no time

But most of all...

Thank you for giving me this little baby growing inside of me and making my dreams come true!


  1. How sweet! Huge congrats on your new job...I can imagine it will be exhilarating, exhausting, exciting and emotional (that was a lot of the letter E)...but I'm sure it will be worth every moment. You're going to be a wonderful mama! :)

  2. Congratulations on your new job! No doubt it will be your most important job ever. Very exciting!

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