A little girl's nursery...

Slowly and surely the nursery is coming along
It has been so much fun making her little space in our house
Sometimes me and Ryan just like to be in there- talking about stuff- getting her little room ready
Knowing that soon she is going to sleep in there

These pictures are little old but
I still have one more project to finish before I share the finished room
  but wait till you see her closet...
it is the cutest
What else are Saturday nights at midnight for besides sorting baby clothes???

The vintage rocker was a present from my mom and dad
it belonged to my great grandmother
and my grandpa re-cained it 
It's my favorite thing in the room

The other things are just odds and ends 
A cupcake that makes the room smell like a baby,
Kittens and stuffed animals 
because no little girls room is complete without those items

It all stays in the room 
but some things have found a new home 
Ryan likes to go in and rearrange 
and sometimes I allow it
cause he says
"it's my baby too"

Move the kitten then...

I am sooo excited to share the finished results with you!!!!!!!

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  1. What a sweet little room. I think that your daughter is going to love it. What caught my attention is the fact that I just became a grandmother for the first time. Oddly enough, you never imagine yourself as a grandmother and I think that I'm enjoying it the second time around almost as much. :)


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