Cha-cha-changes in the kitchen...

A few weeks ago before I was done working I had some vacation time
and so I sent myself to work in the kitchen
It had been 3 years since I had gone through all my kitchenware 
and let me tell you-


 I had sets of three for almost everything
too much stuff
and so I purged,
and purged,
and purged some more
and let me tell you...

Purging when you are 8 months pregnant takes time!  
Getting down on my hands and knees and cleaning out cabinets...
It was not an easy feat
I think my dad and brother would have enjoyed watching it 
almost as much as they enjoy watching me attempt to work out to a fitness video
{I am horribly uncoordinated}

By the end my kitchen had never looked better 
inside and out
but we all know
the fun photos are of the outside...

My kitchen is my happy place
I wish had some before pictures so you could really appreciate
just how far it has come 
from bachelor days
to domestic bliss

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