If we build it, they will come...

We are considering building our next home.
I know, I know,
you are tired of hearing me talk about moving.
I know I am tired of talking about me moving.
We should just freakin' move already!

But alas, 
here we are at 906
and while our list of projects 
has dwindled down to one 

What now?
Are we going to buy land?
Are we going to buy in town or in the country?
Are we going to live in a house we build
or a house we remodel?
Are we going to list our house with a realtor?

There are so many choices
and we are slow decision makers.

I think we are driving my father-in-law crazy : )
not in a bad way
just in a hurry up and live closer
and in a better school district way
which we totally intend on doing
it's just a matter of when and where.

A matter of when and where...

I am starting to hate when and where.
I don't want to think about when.
I don't want to think about where.
I want to think

Right now we are pricing it all out
floor plans
And figuring out what exactly 
we want in a home.

So here is our Must Haves

* Eight ft {or higher} ceilings
* Ceiling fans in all the bedrooms
*White trim and doors
*White cabinets
*Stainless steel appliances
*Walk-in closet and bathroom in master bedroom
*Big windows
*Island in the kitchen

Here is the Wish List

*Soaker tub in the master bedroom
*Big closets in all the rooms
*No formal living space
*A dining room
*laundry room with a sink
*Desk area
*4th bedroom
*Granite countertops
*Attached garage

I am sure both of those lists will grow
and get smaller
as we manage our budget
but I am excited to see where this process
takes us
more to come on building your own home
at least I hope ; )

What would you have on your want/need lists?  Let me know cause I wanna do this right!

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