Thoughts on friends...

I joined this Pen Pal Project 
and you know what?
I'm pumped.
super pumped.

Can I be honest with you?
When it comes to maintaining friendships
it's really hard for me.
We have sucha large family 
and so many obligations
that alone time
is kind of hard to come by
and I need me some alone time
So I can be flakey sometimes
I don't mean to be a flake
I just am 
I hope that it doesn't come across 
that I don't care
because I do
now more then ever
 I care
raising babies is hard
and you really need friends,
other moms going through the same thing

To talk about worries and fears,
that only moms have.
To have someone to sit with at the playground with
so you don't lose your mind singing that one Barney song
over and over and over
and over
and over

So in the next six months
I am going to be working on my friendships more...

If you are a reader leave me a comment
I would love to get to know you better

If you are a friend
then let's hang out more

If you are far away
let's keep in touch more.

Let's all make the most of our friendships this summer.

Watch out-
cause it's about to get all friendly up in here.

Who knows what can happen when you put a little more effort into the people you care about...

So what do you say?
Wanna be my friend?


  1. That pen-pal thing sounds really awesome! I'm sorry that I missed it. Good luck keeping up with everyone. I am equally bad at keeping up with people. I find that it's easiest for me to just set aside one night a week for friends. Usually, I try to do trivia with a group of friends, but sometimes I even flake on that. :( Let me know if you find what works best for you :)

  2. Actually the Pen Pal project is going to open again. She is going to do a couple more match ups. Go to E-Tells-Tales her post today has more information : )

  3. How was I NOT following you?? Your blog is super adorable! I have a ginger baby too! (And a ginger brother, cousins, aunt, uncle, and a TON of inlaws!). We LOVE 'em! :) Following you from two-in-diapers.blogspot.com!

  4. Thanks for the follow! I'm super excited to guest post! : )


I am a stay at home mommy so all adult conversation means I get to keep my sanity just a little bit longer...


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