A tale of one small crafter and big Anthropologie...

The other day I was on 
cause twitter is awesome
and if you are the people out there mocking twitter-
I know it's just because you don't understand
where was I?
Oh yes, 
I was on twitter
just twitter tweeting around
checkin' out how everyone was starting their day
when Bam!
I see this tweet from my friend Bethany 
about this mini cake plate that BHLDN
is selling for $78.00

Now if you don't know
BHLDN is owned by Anthropologie
It sells wedding stuff
as I like to call it- "Stuff we knock off from Ashley's brain"!
Cause here is what I made OVER a year ago!!!!

I made this for like $3.00 and BHLDN is selling theirs for $78.00!

All you need to make your own:

Small vintage plate
A small pretty glass or candlestick - I prefer little glasses you would serve liquors in
Silicone Adhesive

Instructions for making Mini Cake Stands that are so cute
you could charge $78.00 when you are done

+ Clean the plate and glass with soapy water- dry thoroughly

+ Apply small ring of silicone adhesive around the bottom ring of the glass {you will want the drinking edge of the glass to set on the table}.  Place carefully on the bottom center of the plate.  Hold firm for a minute or two and try not to move around.  You want a good seal.

+ Wipe any extra that might have squeezed out of an edge.

+ These will need to dry over night in a protected area.  

*After the adhesive dries you have a seal strong enough to be put through the dishwashers!  Although I still recommend you hand wash them for safe keeping.  Some vintage plates will chip and lose paint in the dishwasher.


  1. YES! Way to stick it to The Man! (The man clearly being BHLDN.)

    Yours looks so close to their version...it's fantastic. These are so, so easy and cheap--it just chaps my hide that anyone would get conned into paying $78.

  2. Thanks!!! I'm sad it it got dropped and now has a huge crack : (

  3. Thanks!!! I'm sad it it got dropped and now has a huge crack : (


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