Friday morning coffee...

Hey guys!
I wanna invite you over 
for coffee at my house this morning
of course...
If you really came over I would be embarrassed because I am watching
Doc McStuffins
because lets face it
that show is adorable!
I love Lamby...

So grab a morning beverage,
get comfy,
and lets talk about stuff...

My friend Sheryl sent me this link this morning
by Redeeming Creations
Such a super cute idea
and great if you need to save space
or hate clutter.
Or you just like to decorate houses
and a real one is just too expensive.
Dollhouses are great
because you can pretend they are for your daughter
but actually they are completely for you.
I can't wait to play with my dollhouse,
Charlie's dollhouse...

Speaking of Charlie-
can we talk about the park?!
Me and Charlie have discovered the park.
Actually, it was Ryan's idea
but it was such a good one I am stealing it.
We have a park just a couple blocks away.
Charlie loves to swing.
So we walk down to the park.
Walk back.
It kills so much time 
and she loves it.
She will swing till she can't hold her head up anymore
and she passes out.
I love being able to add new things to our routine.
You know, doing stuff besides watching entire marathons of Real Housewives and doing laundry during naps.
Anything will do really.

Ryan started a new job this week.
It has been fantastic!
It is really hard to watch your husband come home
every day from work
and unmotivated.
I am so proud of him
for taking a risk
and telling himself he deserved better.
The new job,
so far,
has been a great fit.
So happy.

We are going to Ikea soon!
My brother and Lainey
are buying their first home.
Actually my dad and brother
 bought the house.
Moved it.
Remodeled it.
And NOW he is taking over ownership of the house.
It is so cute.
Shake Siding.
Hardwood floors.
Ikea kitchen.
Sounds kinda dreamy huh?

I am scheming up a pretty awesome business idea.
Much to early to share.
am pretty excited about it!
If you are a local crafter, artist, maker of something-
email me!

And last but not least,
I leave you with a great little DIY...

I love redoing old lighting.
Have you ever seen some ugly, old brass lamp or chandelier?
And think, I love shape but hate that tacky brass color?
Spray paint it!
It is so easy.
It just takes some painters tape,
old plastic grocery bags,
spray paint,
and sealer.
It will change you life.
Or at least your wallet.
I made the grey lamp pictured about for $25.00
The lamp cost $5.00
The shade cost $15.00
The spray paint cost me $5.00
Great new lamp!
The one I liked at Target that was similar
was $50.00.
I did the same thing in my kitchen.
Old brass chandelier.
Spray paint.
Farmhouse kitchen!
Try it.
Go to Restore,
support Habitat for Humanity 
and get some great new lighting for your house!
People will ask you where you got it.
And you can say,
Oh that?
I made that.

Thanks for coming over for coffee this morning.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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