Just wanted to say Merry Christmas before I disapear for a few days. We have 8 different Christmases to get through from now till Sunday. My fiance comes from a very large German family and last year Christmas about killed me. I tried to hand make all of my gifts. I was up till two in the morning Christmas Eve and then I had to get up at six on Christmas to finish. I was tired and gumpy and I started crying. Sooooo...needless to say I got into action early this year. All of my presents were bought, wrapped and finished by last night. So today I am just going to sit back and enjoy the festivities and try to remember the true meaning of Christmas!


  1. what kind of gifts did you make? i can never think of ideas.

  2. I made a handmade heating pad. Its really easy. I used this really pretty Amy Butlter fabric and you fill it with beans and cinnamon or some lavender. You have to make sure it's made of cotton otherwise it will burn in the microwave. And it smells yummy with its heated up. There is also a super cute way to package wine that I am gonna post a link to.


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