not so chic wedding day earrings...

These pearl beauties were my big Christmas present this year. My mom found them while online shopping weeks ago and emailed me a picture- where I instantly feel completely in love with them. So like a good mother of the bride- she ordered them for Christmas. She wasn't even going to open the package, she was just going to wrap them up but then decided she had to take a little peek at them so she opened the box and to her {and my} dismay found the largest pair of pearl earrings ever know to man.

They aren't tiny or dainty or elegant. They are huge and gaudy and we were so sad...


  1. If you don't mind me asking, where did those beautiful pearl earrings come from?

  2. They came from J.Crew about 2 years ago. I was going to wear them in my wedding and then changed my mind and bought another pair. I don't think that J.Crew carries them anymore

    If you or if anyone is interested in the earrings- mine have never been worn and are in perfect condition! Original purchase price was $68.00 but I would take $30.00!

    But if you just like the style of the earrings then you should def check out the website. They had some super cute summer earrings. I loved the colors!


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