Trousseau \Trous`seau"\ (tr[=oo]`s[=o]"), n. [F., fr. OF.
trossel, dim. of trousse a bundle, truss. See Truss.]
The collective lighter equipments or outfit of a bride,
including clothes, jewelry, and the like; especially, that
which is provided for her by her family.

Moving to Europe really made me downsize. I had a garage sale and sold almost everything that I owned. I had one box that I was storing at my parents and one medium sized suitcase....one...suitcase...was I crazy or genius? Turns out it was genius. Everything in that suitcase was new. New clothes, new style, new everything. Those things became a part of my new life-a part of my life that was exciting and new- much like starting off married life. Which has me thinking about wedding trousseau's. Seems kinda silly and old fashion. {but do you want to know a secret?} I kinda like the idea.

I love Katie Holmes' Armani duds designed specifically for her wedding week. This is a huge new chapter in my life. Me and Ryan are starting a family. Like any new phase in life-as a fashion and design conscious person- I have to think what I want my style to say as a married woman. How to I want people to perceive me as a wife?

And like starting a new school year, clothes make you feel ready and prepared. Every woman should have a nice dress. Maybe a string of pearls. I don't have specifics nailed down but I am thinking that a good old fashion trousseau is for me.

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