Can't contain myself...

To continue with the theme of the week I thought I would share a few more of my chic storage ideas.  In our master bedroom I have two vintage mirrored trays.  One for my pretty things {jewelry, cell phone, ect.} and one for Ryan's things {necklaces, wallet, change}

On the trays I have a variety of pretty little bowls {all of which came from Goodwill!}  I have bowls and containers stashed all over my house like this.  I find that when something has a place to go, it is way more likely to be put away there {as opposed to an item not having a home and floating around the house and impossible to find when you need it}

I keep my eyes out for pretty little bowls all the time when I am out thrifting.  If I don't need it right away I store it down in my basement where it waits to be called into duty!

These photos aren't the best because while I was in the midst of taking them part of the kitty pack broke into a major rumble.  Kitty and Skippy were wrestling all over the room so it was hard not to get them in the shot!

But how can you get mad at faces like that???

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