Felt Fortune Cookies...

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This week while grocery shopping I picked up a box of fortune cookies.  I don't normally buy fortune cookies but it seems like such a fun snack to have around the house.  We have a lot of house guests and I like to keep bowls full of goodies around.

So this week you could find your fortune in a pretty vintage bowl in my living room.  They are a nice little pick-me-up after a long, stressful day.  I mean who doesn't want to hear that you will step on the soil of many countries {especially if you are a travel freak like me} or that you creativity is going to take an unexpected turn for the better {lucky me!}

Martha Stewart has a fun project with a spin.  Felt fortune cookies!  How sweet of an idea is that?  Wouldn't these be cute at a shower {baby or bridal} or as a wedding favor?  You can color coordinate them to your scheme and everyone will love opening up and seeing what life has to bring them!

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