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Thank you new followers and for all the sweet comments.  This weekend I spent cleaning and cooking after trying to take care of some dirty business on Friday {thus the reason for not posting sooner}  I am currently being accused of a hit and run up by Chicago, almost three hours from where I currently live.  And apparently I was driving a car that I sold 2 years ago and isn't even in this state anymore!

So I spent the day chasing down someone who knew what they were talking about and being promised that someone will get back to me.  Oh well what's one wasted vacation day and having to hire a private attorney?

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The rest of the weekend I spent getting the house whipped into shape and catching up on laundry.  One thing new I did try was making homemade gnocchi.  If you have never tried gnocchi you should!  They are Italian potato dumplings.  And they are good with a variety of sauces of even with just some browned butter.

Until now I have always purchased mine from the pasta section of the super market.  But recently I have been wanting gnocchi so often I wanted to see how hard it was to make from scratch.  It can be kind of costly eating multiple times a week when you buy it at the store.

So I tried it.  I was not successful but don't worry.  I am gonna get some new tools and try a different recipe.  I will succeed!  I was pretty close but they fell apart to easily and were a little too potatoey.  If you want to try gnocchi- pick some up from the dried pasta section and cook it in boiling water 90 seconds after they float to the top of the water.  Serve with a nice tomato sauce and slices of cold ham.  Indulge with a dollop of sour cream if you are feeling fancy.

I am going to try this recipe next!

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