Glass containers for storage...

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I am completely obsessed with glass containers right now.  I cannot get enough.  If I have a container that fits the job you can guarantee that is the direction I am going to go.  I got this insanely clever idea from an issue of The Nest {which I adore and will miss so much once my subscription runs out...it is a magazine only available after you first get married and you can't subscribe- so once you done, your done}

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What have I been filling them up with lately?  Light bulbs, detergent, rice, twine, anything really.  It turns an ordinary object into something a little more interesting.  The Container Store has everything you would ever need if you too feel like you need some containers in your life.  I get mine from Goodwill, Restore, and sometimes Pier One.  But you can find them anywhere from Walmart to Target.

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There are all kinds of containers out there!  Find some that fit your taste and style, use them for everyday items, and you will be so happy you won't be able to contain yourself! {sorry I couldn't help that last pun!}

There is still time to join the giveaway!!!

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