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What a busy weekend around here!  I had a long weekend here and as always that seems to mean more work not less.  With a little help from my brother and fiance Lainey, I finally have the kitchen almost done!

The third time seems to be a charm when it came to the color of the kitchen.  Last time I painted it the palest blue {almost a white}  but it was too cool for the warm color of the kitchen counter {whoops- remind me next time to paint AFTER the counter tops are in!}

The cabinets {which have been without doors for over a month} are finally painted in an easy to clean semi-gloss and ready for the doors to be hung again {hurray! am tired of everyone being able to see into my not to organized cabinets}

I also finished a little crafting project over the weekend.  I found a big old 1970's frame with dated, torn print for six dollars are Restore.  I am sure people thought I was crazy at the check out lane but they didn't know my little plan.  I took it home, sanded down the old frame, popped out the picture and painted it antique white to match the kitchen cabinets {it took five days and seven layers of paint!}.  Then I painted directly over the print with 2 coats of chalkboard paint.  And voila, a cafe inspired chalkboard menu!  Can't wait to share pictures.

So what's with the picture of the bed, you may be asking yourself!  It is too dreary here today to take any good pictures of the kitchen and I am SO tired that bed is all I can think about! This bed had me from hello- not because it looks so comfy but because it is gorgeous!  Does anyone else feel like Anthropology needs to do a line that is a little more affordable for us everyday, ordinary girls???

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  1. LOL... yes I was wondering about the bed too. And I agree... I am always looking for affordable ways to fancy up my bedroom!! Curious about the picture frame project too. :)


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