Bathroom Makeover Challenge Day 10...

Here are the before pictures:

It has been a couple of days since I last posted but I finally have a way to download all my pictures to my laptop again! Hurray for Best Buy! While Ryan was away last week I went hard to work. I wanted to completely finish the bathroom before he came home.

While the bathroom is not what you would call "completely finished"-it is pretty darn close. I primed and painted the walls a nice soft almond color. I used a semi-gloss and I will tell you why. Usually I like the look of flat or matte paint but what I have found is that those finishes are really hard to clean. So if you are painting in a room like a bathroom of a kitchen it works better to use a gloss, satin, or semi-gloss because it gives you a nice surface to clean and doesn't absorb stain.

I also cleaned out the ceiling fan and painted the ceiling. This alone did wonders for the room. I replaced our old black shower curtain and black tension rod with a sleek stainless steel rod and a white floral shower curtain from IKEA {that I got for $6.50!} The rug we had in another room {don't worry it has a rubber bottom so it is bathroom friendly}.

New curtains with little dark flex that bring in the black vanity and mirror complete the look. I was going to fill the picture frames with pictures from our honeymoon but I decided against this because I don't want to make the house too personal. We are trying to sell this place so our buyers have to see their pictures on the walls not ours. So instead I used a Christmas gift card to buy a circle cutter {for another project!} and some fun paper prints that I am going to put into the frames for added interest.

And the floors! They are my FAVORITE part. One because I laid that stinkin' floor all by myself and two because lets face it my old floor was nasty! When my brother saw the floor he asked me who did it! That was when I knew I had been successful. My brother is a carpenter and he thought the floor was so well done that my dad must have helped me! I used the laminate tiles that just adhere to the floor. It took some time but I was lucky that I could follow the grid on the old floor. Using primitive tools like a rolling pin and a utility knife I slowly but surely laid that sucker! And now I have the beautiful look of tile {I am sure it does not look like real tile but it so much better then the old floor that it doesn't even matter}

One of my favorite parts of the room are the little jars and candle on the back of the toilet. I used one jar for q-tips and I want to put cotton balls in the other one but I didn't have any for my photo shoot : (

Tonight we are moving furniture around and defining rooms. I am also going to be patching holes in the living room to prepare it for painting. I can't wait to paint again! {can you sense the sarcasm please tell me you can...}

Here are the after pictures!!!

Four days with no husband + one ratty old bathroom+ a little determination = one very happy girl!


  1. What an amazing transformation you did there! Wow! This is absolutely brilliant. And oh, thanks for sharing some ideas. Kudos to you.


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