Mastering the art of staging... Challenge Day 11,12,13

So I am not a real estate professional but my parents have just sold their 8th house so I know a thing or two about buying and selling houses. De-cluttering and staging are almost second nature to me. When the covers go over the electrical outlets I know it's go time {growing up this was a clear sign that moving was inevitably close}

While for me it is easy it is not for everyone. It took Ryan a while before he really got in the grove of it. It's hard to wrap your mind around the fact that your house is no longer going to be functioning for you, it has to function for the potential buyers. If you have a weird space or wasted space in your house, the buyer may not be able to picture how he or she would use the space. That's why it is important to stage your house showing the function of every room to it maximum potential.

Sometimes it means making hard decisions or guessing what your potential buyers market will want. For us it has been hard deciding what to do with our third bedroom/ dining room. It is a room off the kitchen with two separate entrances and a large closet. It is VERY small and it has carpet {which is why we have never used it as a dining room}. We live just off a major university campus and so we live around a lot of students. So most likely it will be used as a bedroom and not a dining room. What we decided in the end was to make it an office and we have a china cabinet with all of my platters and a small table so that you could eat in there if your brought in extra chairs.

Was this the right staging decision? I don't know yet. What I do know is that if I was looking at a house and there was a dining room with carpet I would immediately say "next!"

The kitty pack has been immensely enjoying all of the furniture moving. Nothing brings life back into an old nap spot like moving it from one room to another. I don't know how but some how through all of the work on the house the kitties have been trained not to walk through paint. Yesterday while we painted all three watched the entire time never causing one problem {and believe me we have had problems in the past ending in little white paw prints all over my furniture-thank goodness we have microfiber and as boring as it is you can get ANYTHING out of micro fiber!}

Today I will be finishing up painting the living room and I have some pictures to share of our brand new guest room! So happy to have picture downloading capabilities again!

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