De-cluttering the kitchen and a surprise...

Yesterday we continued to prep the house. Moving unused items to the basement and de-cluttering the kitchen. It was hard for me to pack away all my pretty things. Staging is not always fun and decorating, sometimes it involves undecorating. We didn't do to much last night though because Ryan was packing for a business meeting down in Orlando and I wanted to spend as much time with him as possible in a good mood (not always the case when we are working on the house together). But I have BIG plans for when he is away.

I am going to redo the whole bathroom while he is gone!!! Part of my surprise is going to be the wall art. Right now we have a bunch of pictures from a trip with my mom to Venice, Italy and I am going to change them all over to pictures from our honeymoon! Only problem is choosing just a few because we got so many amazing pictures while we were there. Paris truly is the city of love. If you ever have a chance to go with the one you love I highly recommend it. I don't know what it is about that city but it works magic. I came back with a husband who loves red wine and photography-two things he had no interest in prior and two of my favorites.

We really bonded on that trip and I wanted to do something special for Ryan to bring that old Paris feeling into our home. I am excited to pick my favs and see how it all comes together. Now the only question is should I do color or black and white? Decisions, decisions. Here are some of the possibilities.

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