Putting my best rags forward...Challenge Day 1

Today was kind of a slow starter. I had already planned to go visit my parents. So after a fun night hanging out and some Taco Bell I did what I could do while Ryan was watching football-organize the hall closet! Exciting right? I guess every step is something checked off the list.

I am marking the hallway as finished. The walls and ceiling have been painted. I have some cute little prints hanging in frames I got for less then 2 dollars. And now the grand finale with a staged linen closet. I would love to show you a picture of how nice and organized it is but sadly I cannot find my cord to download all my pictures...bummmer.

My three simple steps to staging a closet:

1: Hide your yucky rags- We all have them but no one wants to see that when they are looking to buy your house!

2: Containers and Baskets- Use these to hide all your junk in. Be creative and used things your already have on hand- I am using an old picnic basket to store cards from our wedding in.

3: Edit- The closet should say I have lots of space. Cramming things into the closet makes it look too small and people will wonder if your house has enough storage for them.

Follow those three simple steps and your linen closet will be Open House ready in no time too! Since I don't have a new pictures to share of the house, here is a picture from our honeymoon that I plan on printing in black and white for art in the bathroom.

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