The Fancy Coat

I have a coat that's fancy. I don't wear it a lot because lets face it I wear scrubs to work and sweat pants at home {not much need for a fancy coat in the circumstances} But today I put it on before I rushed out the door. It felt good. Nice and fancy. I thought this is just what my Wednesday needs with a little skip in my step.

Then at lunch I drove to Walgreens to get a few nessisary items but when I got there I realized that when I put my fancy coat on, I had also left my purse at home...bummer. So I drove back to work thinking that Wednesday was only going to go down from here. I was going to have no goodies from Walgreens and I was going to have to finish my thank you card mailing labels {yuck, yuck, yuck}

As I was putting my keys away in the pocket of my coat I felt something...what could it be? I dug down into the pocket {thinking I have only worn this coat 1 time what could I possibly have stuffed in there already?!?} I pulled out a white envelope with holly leaves on it. Could it be? Seriously??? YES! I found $25 in my fancy pocket! So I stopped by Walgreens again on the way home. Got me some Martha, cute notebooks, and Swedish Fish.

Hope you had a fancy Wednesday as well!

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