What lies beneath...

So we got a little crazy this weekend and pulled up the carpet. For three years I have put up with this gross, disgusting, stanky, ol' carpet and I was more then a little happy to get it out. We have discovered that we have some pretty decent hardwood floors underneath.

Now we just need to have them sanded and sealed...money. money. and more money! Luckily Ryan's cousin knows a guy who can maybe do it for under a grand! {wouldn't that be grand???} I can't wait to get the rest of it out of the bedrooms!

It really wasn't as hard or as scary as we thought it would be. Now my brother did help us get started but after watching and getting the basic idea we really just jumped in pulling up carpet, nails, and millions of tiny poorly placed staples. Labor intensive but entirely free! Can't beat that kind of home improvement.

Tomorrow we are ripping out more carpet! Tonight we made sure to get masks and goggles as nails sometimes fly at your face. I am paranoid about getting something in my eyes. We also picked up some different kinds of cleaners for the floor, More information to follow as to what product we liked the most.

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