How many men does it take to put in a ceiling fan...

I got in big time trouble because I forgot to do this post! Ryan's cousin Levi came over this past weekend to help us on our house. Levi is very handy and it was so nice of him to come over and help us {especially since he is currently remodeling his own home- which is much larger and older then ours} We decided to finish the ceiling fan in the living room.

The old ceiling fan didn't have a globe and was from the 1970's...ew. So we changed it out with a fan we got for free from my parents. {they were putting in an even better ceiling fan I guess but to us this one is juuuuuust fine!} We had to add a piece of decorative trim around the top because the old ceiling fan base was much larger and there was a huge gross dirty circle around the new base.

This became quite the project as it is very difficult to hold up a heavy ceiling fan for a long time {especially for poor Ryan who had to stand on his tip toes to hold it at the right level. Thank goodness another one of Ryan's friends was over. Alex is a great guy to have around when you need something heavy held! Poor guy had just lifted weights the night before so he was definitely feeling the burn!

But at last we have a nice new modern fan for the living area. I am not normally a fan of the ceiling fan {no pun intended}. But for our house I make an exception because since our house is so small that fan makes a big difference in our power bill come spring and fall. Plus you can reverse it and make it warmer in the winter by drawing the hot air up!


  1. Ceiling fans today are easy to install if you follow the manual carefully. But like what other people say, two heads are better than one. It looks like the ceiling fan was properly installed. In addition to that, it is true that a ceiling fan can make a difference in a house. They are not just fans, but can be an eye candy as well.

    Staci Severns @ Brooklyn Fan

  2. Many individuals are to install a ceiling fan,seems to me something amazing. As it is now to much easy to set up a fan instead of this type of fans.


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