A balloon, a boy, and a great big hill...

Whew!  What a looong weekend {with the cherry on top being a trip to the emergency room this morning because my husband was delirious with heat exhaustion...very scary but all is fine now moms if you are reading this.}

So as I watch him sleep peacefully now, instead of telling me how he can't sleep because he is building a restaurant, I thought I would share some pictures from our most recent photo shoot with little Asher!  He is just about the cutest little peanut I have even seen!  It was a totally new experience shooting a toddler.  The angles are different, you have to get your shots fast and roll with the punches.  A few more of them under my belt and I'll be a pro!  Hope you enjoy them!

If you enjoyed the pictures and are on facebook- like us- 906 Photography {we are easy to find under pages and we will love you for it!}.

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