A wing back chair for $30...

This is my new wing back chair-  I am in love and so are the kitties.  There is just something about the colors that makes me drool.  Am currently looking for the purfect pillows to go with it.  I am sure it will find me.

Morning sickness has gotten better- well at least it is staying to the morning now-instead of morning, noon, and night. We are going to Chicago this weekend which is a 2 1/2 hour trip so wish me luck cause thats a lot of time in the car!  Hopefully I'll keep my cookies the whole time and this whole nausea thing will be behind me {knock on wood}.

I really, really, REALLY hope we can make it to IKEA.  I only get to go once a year and I love it so much.  I wanna check out the sectionals and see what they have to offer.  Of course I will also fill our cart full of many little things that Ryan will find completely useless but I will plead that I cannot live without....this is what always happens at IKEA.  The problem is that IKEA is sooooo big that if you pass something up and then later realize you do want it- it's too late, you are too far gone to go allllll the way back and get it.  So I load up the cart with absolutely everything I think I will want and when we get to the end I sort it all out.  It's my process and it completely freaks Ryan out.

So next week I will be back with more pictures, goings on, baby stuff, and more photo shoots!  I hope my energy level continues to go up as my body adjusts to what is going on.  This little blog is in desperate need of some attention!

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