While I've been sleeping...

Or resting I should say...I have found myself sitting with my feet propped up a little more then usual.  Normally my day starts around 5:30 in the morning but lately I can barely drag myself out of bed before 7.   I am also use to coming home and working around the house or on the photography biz but lately I have been feeling super lazy and uninspired to do anything besides lift the remote or type in a web address....what can I say?  I am feeling all of the benefits of being preggo.  So I thought I would share with you all what has been keeping me entertained while I sit on my throne {aka the comfy chair with a foot stool and tv tray right beside}

I found this sweet little blog- Tales of me and the husband- with the most amazing love story! This is a lady with such an honest writing voice and is un-apologetically  imperfect. I like bloggers who keep it real! It is so hard to find new blogs that I love so I was very happy with this little discovery.  I spent an entire afternoon creeping on her blog because it was so interesting {and what else did I have to do except feel crappy?} And we have all been guilty of blog creeping!

I also found this sweet little online magazine, The Violet - full of great pictures and ideas I am excited to re-read it and look forward to next months issue. 

Secrets of a Stylist on HGTV- Emily has the best eye and I love, love, LOVE absolutely everything that she touches.  She also won my heart because we see eye to eye on the new contestants of Design Star and she runs her own blog!  How cool is this girl?  I sometimes pretend we are best friends.  If you have OnDemand tv you can watch her entire first season on HGTV- I know I did in one afternoon...I told you I have been laaaaazy!

The movie Arther.  I dunno if it is the nanny or british accents that got to me.  Both hysterical and sweet it is a movie I could watch over and over again.  Excellent casting choices and nice fluffy stuff that makes you feel good.

The Stephanie Plum series.  I began reading these books almost 10 years ago when I moved to New York after my cousin recommended them.  About a lingerie buyer turned bounty hunter these books will make you laugh out loud.  I had to stop reading them in public places like the airport because I cannot hold my laughter in.  They drive my husband crazy because he wants to know what is so funny!  I believe there are 17 books in the series and if you like comedy and mysteries all wrapped up into one Jerseylicious journey then read One for the Money- if you don't fall in love with Stephanie and her friends- I'll pay you back for the book! {They are also making it into a movie starring Katherine Heigl - I am skeptical of her playing Stephanie but we will see if she can pull it off}

I also watched the movie Limitless.  I  was really looking forward to this movie.  I mean 2 hours of looking at Bradley Cooper?  Yes please!  But sadly I was extremely disappointed with this movie.  Not only with it's horribly abrupt ending but also the message that it sent out.  I thought it's message would be that it best to work for what you have in life -whether it be monetary or intellectual- not take a pill to acquire these things. But that is not the message that I got.  Has anyone else seen this movie?  Did you like it?

And last but not least my newest pregnancy book.  Of course I started with all the basics- What to Expect
when you Expecting, My pregnancy week by week but they just weren't doing it for me.  They were full of do's and don't and inflicting guilt of all the things I was going to do to hurt my baby and nothing to make me feel a little more at ease with the MAJOR changes going on in my body that were out of my control.  Then I found my book- Pregnancy Sucks When your miracle makes you miserable by Joanne Kimes.  It was life changing.  There are medications I can take to make myself feel better with out causing my baby to come out deformed.  Oh, and I can eat soft cheese with out being a selfish mother as long as the milk has been pasteurized.  Have you ever read the ingredients of blue cheese?  I do not recommend it - if you like it continue to eat it in ignorant bliss {but not while you are pregnancy cause it definitely not made with pasteurized milk unless it is made by Kraft}

What are some of your favorite things to do when you are couch bound or have a lack of motivation to do anything? Please share as I am running out of things to do!!!

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