The light of my life...

Remember this?  It's finally hanging in my kitchen!  This pretty lady makes my kitchen so much warmer and brighter.  I was worried that the little bulbs wouldn't give off enough light but boy was I wrong!  This whole project came in under $30.00 {we had to buy a pendant to go around the top to cover the ring left behind from the old light}.

Today we are prepping for our first photo shoot at 906.  Me and Ty are going to go scout the location and set up our shots.  We have some prop work to finish that includes finding a large round balloon and animal crackers...that's all I am gonna give you.  Just come back next week to get a sneak peak : )

I am also having a garage sale today and tomorrow with my mom and Lainey.  So if you live in the area and will be in St. Joe today or tomorrow stop by!  We will be on Main St. and have stuff like this for you to buy...

I really do love these hand painted tile murals but am ready for new colors in my house.  This picture is of a tequila field and there is another one of a vineyard.

The clock and the lamp are both also for sale.  The lamp works fine but the clock I have only ever used for show.  It has mysteriously continue to tick off and on at strange hours for 3 years without me ever putting a battery in.  I think something is up with that but if you want a spooky clock then by all means. $10 bucks and she is all yours!

So stop by for some deals!  My mom and Lainey have a lot of good stuff as well.  Lots of furniture, decor stuff, curtains, my mom and dad just moved and they are getting rid of A LOT.  I have a feeling that we may all end up trading a bunch of our stuff {as that is usually what happens when me and my mom had a garage sale.}

This post took a turn for random huh?  I am off for a half day of work at the office! May your Thursday be everything you ever hoped it would be! 

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