A little road trip...

Along the way there was:

  Milk Duds and Charleston Chews...

cornfields and barns...

pit stops every 60 miles and laughing so hard...

Skip Schumaker 

the biggest bed we have ever slept in {amazing!}...

Anthropology and H&M 

*The Great American Cookie Co. and a chocolate chip M&M cookie {actually 3 of them}

Driving home with the one that I love

*this is not the furthest I have gone for a cookie from this place. When I lived in Germany my mom came to visit me and I had a list of very specific things I wanted her to bring along with her.  On that list was, and I am quoting this

"one chocolate chip M&M cookie from the Cookie Co. in a ziplock baggie"

This cookie is all I thought about on the train ride to Venice {where I was meeting my mom}.  I get to the airport, at this point I haven't seen my mom in over 9 months. I find her and give her a hug.  Then say

"where is my cookie?" 

My mom looks at me and I know right away what has happened.

"you ate my cookie!"  

I blurted out.  She handed me a ziplock with a little sliver of cookie left.  My mom ate my special cookie on the plane!!! I couldn't be mad though because she had a whole suitcase full of goodies for me.

The weekend is almost here!  Have a happy and safe 4th of July! 

We will celebrating it the good ol' fashion Midwest way.  Swimming, cookouts, sparklers, softball, plenty of fireworks and patriotism.  Gotta love small towns on days like the 4th of July.  Makes me remember why I moved back home in the first place.  I appreciate it so much more now.

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  1. Sorry I was hungry and the trip was long! Mom


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