My definition of thrifting...

Thrifing : {thur-if-ting} verb

Synonyms: bargain hunter, frugal, penny pincher,

To actively seek treasures of the secondhand and vintage nature at the lowest price possible. 

Willing to dig through piles, boxes, and dark corners of all kinds of musty and sometimes questionable places just to score a great find.

To be green and good to the earth by using what we already have instead of purchasing new and putting more junk into the world.

jar, books, flower candle holder, lamp, big wire thing total cost: $9.00

pretty little jars total cost: $1.00

sign total cost: $0.50

old phones total cost: $13.00

vintage books total cost: $10.00

Me and Ryan have been in the mood for thrifting lately.  Sunday was an epic trip to the stores.  We discovered some new places and came home with all kinds of goodies and a plan.  We are going to go to 3rd Sunday Market over in Bloomington Illinois and hit up some of the secondhand stores around that area {this is also around the area where we eventually will be moving too}.

I am excited to go to some new places.  Our ultimate plan is to maybe head over to Indianapolis one day and hit up the Goodwill.  I guess what I am saying is that we are taking our thrifting to the next level!  Ryan loves the show American Pickers.  Have you seen it?  If not you should check it out!  Mike and Frank are hysterical together and you will see some of the coolest stuff and most interesting people. Ryan is dying to picker.  So who knows maybe someday it will be barns and sheds instead of Restore and Goodwill.  I'm not ruling anything out!

We have a lot going on here at 906 {like us on facebook now-  we will be so happy if you do!}.  We are planning some shoots today by pulling props and making mood boards.  It's gonna be a fun afternoon of work.  Lainey {our stylist and my sil}  is coming over to help and we are gonna start knocking things off the list!  Have a wonderful Thursday!

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